Training Modules
You can buy training modules on their own - or with additional learning support, assessment and CPD certification.

requiring learning support and CPD certification should complete an application form and arrange for a discussion with Maria Gunstone.

The Full Programme comprising six modules can be purchased with up to 25% discount.

This months’ Offers of modular materials can be purchased separately or as bundles with further discount.

Postage: UK postage is included. For delivery to Europe or Worldwide it is essential to click on the 'dropdown' to select and view the additional postage cost.

Payment can be made by Paypal, credit or debit card. Delivery normally takes five working days, but please allow 21 days incase of exceptional circumstances. 

Full details of each module
  • Module 1
    Module 1

    Module 1 - Background to YOU & ME Yoga

    Out of Stock
  • Module 2
    Module 2

    Module 2 - The basic YOU & ME Yoga techniques

    Out of Stock
  • Module 3
    Module 3

    Module 3 - Joint Looseners

    Out of Stock
  • Module 4
    Module 4

    Module 4 - YOU & ME Relaxation Techniques

    Out of Stock
  • Module 5
    Module 5

    Module 5 – YOU & ME Yoga Postures

    set of materials only
    with learning support (+£65)

  • Module 6
    Module 6

    Module 6 – YOU & ME Breathing Techniques

    Out of Stock